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The IFA association was established in 1995 as a service center to promote the mobility of skilled workers. Members include all the Austrian Economic Chambers, the Federation of Austrian Industries and the Junior Chamber Austria.

Today, IFA is the leading organization when it comes to international work experience. As a focal point for information and consulting for young people, businesses and educational institutions, IFA organizes work placements abroad, applies for and assigns the necessary funding and ensures the skills acquired abroad are recognized in Austria.

IFA specializes in assisting non-academics and provides approximately 600 apprentices, students from vocational schools, skilled workers and trainers with the opportunity to complete a work placement abroad.

Our fields of activity

  • We organize work placements abroad for apprentices.
  • We help interested individuals plan their work placements abroad.
  • We help companies and vocational schools to establish and implement exchange programs.
  • We support young people and adults from other EU countries who wish to do a work placement in Austria.
  • We promote the mobility of talented and dedicated apprentices and apprenticeship graduates (Grant for Gifted Students from the Austrian Economic Chambers and the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economics).

Each year, 2,000 young people, 150 businesses, schools and other educational institutions take advantage of our services.

Why are work placements abroad so important?

Companies expect their employees to be mobile, flexible and to have international experience. Work placements abroad are the best way to improve your linguistic, professional and intercultural skills. You can count on IFA – Your partner for mobility!

All the work placements organized by IFA are paid for with funds from the EU or Austria.


IFA has been organizing work placements abroad for apprentices, students, skilled workers and training officers since 1995, and since 2013, also for young entrepreneurs. All the work placements organized by IFA are paid for with funds from the EU or Austria. Among others, IFA works with the following European funding programs

  • Erasmus+ (formerly: Leonardo da Vinci; IFA has been carrying out projects under this program every year since Austria joined the EU) and
  • EYE – Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs.
  • In addition, IFA organizes work placements for apprentices
    • as part of the “Grant for Gifted Students Mobility of the Austrian Economic Chambers”,
    • funded by the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy and
    • the apprentice exchange projects on behalf of the Province of Styria and the Styrian Economic Chamber.

Since it was founded, IFA has organized work placements abroad for more than 7,000 people. Through these projects, IFA has established far-reaching business contacts in Austria as well as with international partner organizations in Europe and beyond – an international network that is expanded with each work placement. IFA is involved in numerous activities concerned with quality in mobility and the recognition of skills acquired abroad. These have included

  • The introduction and marketing campaign for the Euro pass VET (now: Euro pass Mobility) to improve the transparency and comparability of qualifications obtained in Austria (from 2002 to 2011 IFA served as the central advisory and issuing authority for the Euro pass Mobility in Austria)
  • The participation of IFA staff in various working groups of the European Commission as well as on behalf of UEAPME and the EUROCHAMBRES for promoting mobility of apprentices and
  • The participation in European cooperation and networking projects for quality development in occupational mobility
IFA is an active partner in two ongoing Erasmus+ projects:

Our Team

Mag<sup>a</sup> Susanne Klimmer

Maga Susanne Klimmer

Christina Prohammer, MA

Christina Prohammer, MA

Deputy Director
Work placements abroad for apprentices, Let’s Walz
Daria Gasslitter

Daria Gasslitter

Office Manager
Accounting and finance
Mag<sup>a</sup> Nina Stampfl

Maga Nina Stampfl

Project Manager
Work Placements abroad for apprentices and VET experts

Ines-Maria Schweiger

Ines-Maria Schweiger

Project Manager
Work Placements abroad for apprentices and VET students
Mag<sup>a</sup> Marie Keller

Maga Marie Keller

Project Manager Incomings;
Work placements abroad for apprentices
Carina Harjani

Carina Harjani

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