Work placements

Gaining experience abroad is becoming increasingly important. Companies seek employees who are mobile, flexible and have international experience. A work placement abroad will greatly benefit your personal and professional development.

Sie machen wichtige Erfahrungen in einer neuen Umgebung, lernen andere Länder, Leute und Kulturen kennen und können sich neue Arbeitsmethoden und -techniken aneignen. Sie wollen ein Auslandspraktikum machen?

You are able to gain experience in a new environment, learn about other countries, people and cultures, and acquire new working methods and techniques.You want to do a work placement abroad?

IFA will help you:

  • complete your application documents
  • prepare and organize your stay abroad
  • with funding for the duration of the work placement
  • document your experience abroad and issue any necessary certificates

IFA organizes work placements in European countries for apprentices at set times for a period of several weeks.IFA also helps companies and schools with the planning, organization and administration of projects abroad.

You can count on IFA – Your partner for mobility!