What is EQAMOB?

EQAMOB is a quality label that emphasizes the importance of learning mobility in vocational education and training.
Apprenticeship companies, that show special commitment and high quality in the mobility of their apprentices, can be awarded with the EQAMOB label.
The criteria for the EQAMOB quality label were defined by a European network of partners, which also IFA is part of. The criteria include aspects of the organization and preparation of the apprentices for the placement abroad, the support of the apprentices during their stay and the sustainable integration of the experiences acquired abroad into everyday business life.
In Austria, the EQAMOB label is awarded by the Federal Minister of Labour and Economy in cooperation with IFA – International Young Workers Exchange.

What is Transnational Learning Mobility?

Transnational learning mobility consists of a period of work and learning experience undertaken in another country. The objective of the stay abroad is to gain practical experience in an intercultural context.
A placement abroad during apprenticeship training is a sustainable opportunity to gain this international experiences, to get to know and reflect on other cultures, learning environments and working methods as well as on different challenges and solution. A placement abroad opens up new perspectives, conveys professional and foreign language skills and, above all, personal, intercultural and social skills.
Apprentices and training companies benefit equally from learning abroad.
An exchange of experiences also strengthens vocational training.

What does “Quality in apprenticeship mobility” mean?

Placements abroad as part of apprenticeship training should not be a one-off event for individual learners and should not end when the apprentices return, but increasingly become a sustainable mobility concept for companies and training institutions.

If the placements abroad …
… are well prepared, supervised and evaluated,
… apprentices receive organizational support, and if
… experience and acquired skills are integrated into everyday working life and internships abroad are regarded as an integral part of vocational training,
both learners and training companies can benefit to a high extent.
Those are the most important quality aspects for companies being considered to be awarded with the EQAMOB label.

How and where can apprenticeship companies apply? When and where will the next awarding ceremony take place?

Training companies can apply right now. Please use the questionnaire (see link below) and send any additional documents, that proof the company’s commitment by email to schweiger@ifa.or.at.
By submitting their data, companies and those responsible for training agree to the use of the data by IFA and the BMAW for the purposes of the award.

The next awarding ceremony is expected to take place in spring 2025, in the Austrian Federal Ministry of Labor and Economy.

The submitted documents will be checked carefully.
There is no legal entitlement to being awarded with the EQAMOB label.
Award-winning companies are invited to the BMAW for the awarding ceremony. In this framework, they will also have the possibility to exchange experiences with other companies.


Already awarded companies:

More about EQAMOB und the European network of partners: